Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Happy Birthday to ME!!!

Hi Blushers!

Its's my blog!  My very own BLOG!  Now, what kind of exciting breakthrough advice do I have for you...?  Wait and see....very soon (once my sister shows and explains to me just how to navigate this thing!)

So excited!  No excuses now, the blog must go on....

Tuesday, November 13, 2012


To future abitmoreblushers,

I know what you're thinking...another beauty blog! But trust me, this one will be worth reading. You will not want to miss anything! So stay tuned from the beginning.

A bit of background on my sister...

For years my sister has been talking about how she wants to share her knowledge and expertise on beauty secrets, product reviews, beauty boxes and so much more... Not only do I, but our friends and family consult with her on a regular basis, wanting to know about the latest and greatest beauty products, services, and myths out there. So why not introduce her to her very own beauty blog on her birthday?

Her birthday is tomorrow, November 14th. That's when she gets the keys to her brand new beauty blog, when she can then blog her little cosmetic loving heart out.

Where did the name abitmoreblush come from?

Well you see it all started when... wait a minute! This isn't my blog! It's her's! She will fill you in on everything...

And remember...when in doubt... just add abitmoreblush! But not too much.